4 Reasons to Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim

Losing someone near and dear to you at work or in a public setting is painful to go through. You’re reeling from the loss of a friend or family member and want someone to blame.

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Sometimes, there’s negligence on the part of another party like an employer and other times, it’s just an unfortunate accident that caused it and there’s no-fault. Freak accidents do occur, but they’re rarer than you’d think. Usually, it’s possible to trace back the cause of death on a worksite to specific reasons like safety not being adhered to. Yet, it’s not necessary to prove this to have a potential wrongful death claim.

Let’s now look at 4 reasons why pursuing a wrongful death claim might be a good idea.

1.      Injury Was Sustained on the Job

When there’s a wrongful death New York City, it means that the employer was usually the negligent party. They provided an unsafe work environment which ultimately led to a fatal accident.

While it’s possible to file a wrongful death claim against a company, equally the situation leaves open the possibility of claiming against the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. This insurance is required for companies with employees and provides certain cover to pay out for things like funeral expenses and ongoing living costs up to two-thirds of what the state’s average salary is each week.

2.      No Narcotics or Alcohol Involved

When an employee shows up and they’re inebriated or under the influence of narcotics, then they may present a risk to themselves and others. The company should send them home under this circumstance. However, an accident can occur even before personnel from the company get the chance to do so. It also may not be immediately obvious that someone is under the influence.

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For any wrongful death or another related claim to be realized, the person who’s died must not have been under the influence of substances that impaired them. When they were not impaired in this way, then any case is likely to be on a stronger footing.

3.      Medical Bills Are Outstanding

Each state’s laws are different. In New York State, it’s possible to ask for pecuniary damages in a wrongful death claim. These can include backdated lost income but also to seek to cover any outstanding medical care bills too.

When the family is stuck with expensive healthcare bills that they cannot cover, this is one solution to the problem that they’ve been left with.

4.      Funeral Expenses Might Be Covered

When you feel that a claim may be valid and a lawyer agrees, then a successful claim may include covering funeral expenses. While these will need to be paid initially, it may be possible to get them reimbursed later to relieve the burden and financial stress that this additionally causes.

In a situation where you’ve lost a loved one, it’s very painful. Not knowing how you’ll survive or cover immediate living costs while grieving makes it all the more difficult. Sometimes, pursuing a wrongful death claim under the right circumstances is the answer.